Sobriety Checkpoints

Make no mistake, sobriety checkpoints are legal and they are a favorite tactic amongst law enforcement officials. If you are arrested at a Fresno sobriety checkpoint, appoint a Fresno DUI attorney immediately to review your case.

Although sobriety checkpoints are legally permissible, the California Supreme Court has heavily regulated their use. Law enforcement departments must follow very strict guidelines in regards to their placement, time of use, safety conditions, etc. If your Fresno DUI lawyer finds that individual police officers violated any of the sobriety checkpoint regulations your case can and will be dismissed.

The eight sobriety checkpoint regulations are as follows:

Be advised that you do have the right to refuse to drive through a checkpoint. But even if you were arrested at a sobriety check point, your arrest does not have to result in a conviction. Contact the law offices of the Fresno DUI attorney today for an immediate consultation.