Fresno Breathalyzer Tests Attorney

Police officers will oftentimes administer breathalyzer tests to those motorists suspected of driving under the influence. These tests evaluate Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), or the amount of alcohol to be found in a person’s blood. A BAC of .08% or more will warrant an arrest for DUI. Many of our clients often feel hopeless after taking breath tests, but that is until we explain how an experienced Fresno DUI attorney can invalidate the so-called “science” of breath test results.

The accuracy of breathalyzer test results is controversial to say the least. First of all, a breathalyzer does not measure your BAC level but estimates it. Breathalyzers work by multiplying a sample of the alcohol found in your body and multiplying it by a ratio of 2100:1. Not everyone’s body ratio is 2100:1 at every given point in the day, but in fact could range from 1100:1 to 3200:1. Mouth alcohol can also contaminate such a reading.

You may also not be a proper subject for breathalyzer testing if you have a physical ailment such as:

Your DUI arrest does not have to result in a conviction regardless of your BAC level reading. If you or your loved one has been arrested for DUI in the Fresno area, contact the law offices of the Fresno DUI attorney today.