Out of State DUI Arrests

Out-of-state drivers arrested for DUI in the Fresno area should hire a Fresno DUI attorney immediately to review their case.

Being arrested for DUI with an out-of-state license will produce the same two processes that would result in your home state---a court proceeding and a DMV proceeding.

Out-of-state drivers that reside in California should have been issued a temporary license valid for 30 days by the arresting officer. If you were merely an out-of-state driver visiting the state, the arresting officer should have given you a notice of a license suspension to drive in California beginning 30 days after your arrest.

A Fresno DUI attorney can help you petition the Fresno DMV to reinstate your license as well as represent you in the Fresno criminal court.

Non-state offenders should note that California is a member of the Non Resident Violator Compact, an agreement between certain states to report DUI offenses and license suspensions to the offender’s resident state. If your state of residence is a member of this agreement, you will have to deal with the consequences of a DUI arrest both here in California and at home. Non-Californian DUI offenders should also be aware that California is a member of the Driver License Compact.

The Driver License Compact is an agreement between multiple states that has agreed to legislate driver’s license laws together. In other words, between these states there is only one driver’s license record. If you get a DUI conviction in California, that DUI will follow you into any of the states that are members of this agreement.

Appointing an experienced Fresno DUI attorney can help minimize the amount of punishment you receive in California and your native state of residence. Contact us for your immediate consultation today.