Fresno DMV Hearings Lawyer

If you are arrested for DUI in the Fresno area, you will have to deal with the Fresno DMV to settle the matter of your driving privileges.

In the state of California, a driver arrested for DUI has 10 calendar days from the date of their arrest to request a hearing with the DMV. This hearing serves as your opportunity to plead your case to the DMV and explain why you should not have your license suspended. If you do not request this hearing within the 10 calendar days following your arrest, you can still request a hearing however, the DMV has the right to deny your request, resulting in an automatic license suspension.

It is important to note that the DMV hearing is not your court proceeding, as the two entities are completely separate. DMV hearings are not overseen by a judge, but rather by DMV employees. For this reason many people believe that they can handle this particular hearing without legal advice, and many of those people find themselves in over their heads. The DMV can and will punish anyone arrested for DUI, even if your case is dismissed in court.

A Fresno DUI attorney can assist you with the DMV hearing process by presenting factual evidence that the DMV will undoubtedly be evaluating as part of the ruling in your case. There is no witness testimony during a DMV hearing, thus evidence and the facts of your case are extremely important. A skilled Fresno attorney will thoroughly review every detail in your case and present any mistake made by police or any other shred of evidence in your favor.

Don’t lose your driver’s license by appointing the best Fresno DUI attorney today.